Why Do We Celebrate Birthday?

We are thankful to the almighty for our presence on the earth. It is by the grace of the almighty that we are breathing, enjoying this beautiful nature, get loved by parents, friends and others and love them too. We always look for a day when we could offer our thanks in a special way to the almighty, who has made our presence possible on this earth. Birthday celebration is definitely one such event. Since ages people around the world celebrate birthdays. We celebrate the birthdays of the famous people across the world. These people have influenced the lives of common people in various ways. These people are from different spheres of life such as thinkers, religious preachers, leaders, martyrs, scientists, artists, singers, authors, sports person etc. On these days, we remember these eminent people and their deeds and take resolution to follow the paths shown by them and become good and responsible people. Continue Reading

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