Why Do People Celebrate Birthday?

We are thankful to the almighty for our presence on the earth. It is by the grace of the almighty that we are breathing, enjoying this beautiful nature, get loved by parents, friends and others and love them too. We always look for a day when we could offer our thanks in a special way to the almighty, who has made our presence possible on this earth. Birthday celebration is definitely one such event. Since ages people around the world celebrate birthdays. We celebrate the birthdays of the famous people across the world. These people have influenced the lives of common people in various ways. These people are from different spheres of life such as thinkers, religious preachers, leaders, martyrs, scientists, artists, singers, authors, sports person etc. On these days, we remember these eminent people and their deeds and take resolution to follow the paths shown by them and become good and responsible people.

When it comes to the celebration of birthdays of common people, it is restricted to the members of the family, friends, colleagues and other loved ones. Ideally for any ordinary people, a birthday starts with thanksgiving to the Almighty. People visit the places to worship to offer prayers to the Almighty and to offer thanks for the graces being showered on us. It is also an occasion to be together with the friends, relatives and others whom we love. Many people hold birthday parties especially for the children to make this day a memorable and cherished one. The invitees come along with gifts and they offer wishes and blessings to the birthday boy or girl. The party continues with foods and drinks and this special event is there to make everyone a very happy and jovial person.

Birthday celebration is the oldest of all the types of celebration and has been done since centuries and has taken a prominent place since the advent of calendars in every culture. Since the earlier times, this day has been observed based on the positions of the planets and stars, the positions of sun and the moon; which is the base of all calendars of the modern time. The birthday is considered as the most fortunate day in one’s life since the earlier time. On this special day, a person likes to share joy and happiness with the friends and relatives so the concept of throwing parties or arranging small gatherings on the birthday started.

Celebration of birthday has become a very special event all over the world and in almost every country and religion, this day is celebrated. We at wishbirthday.com have created special pictures for every relationship which you can send to your near and dear ones.

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